We control everything.

Our services comprise full and part load transport, general cargo, internal transport, customs handling, storage and logistics as well as multimodal transport.

In fact you can order the complete processing of your transports at Angermayr having one point of contact assuming complete responsibility.
Based on video monitoring we and you always know where your cargo is located and we can guarantee you on time delivery.

Full and Part Load Transport


Especially when commissioning part load transport you benefit from our transparent pricing policy.

We offer a fair cost-performance ratio for full and part load transport and our additional services like handling customs and logistics benchmarks are worth to be looked at as well.

Furthermore we are a member of the pan-European network ILN. Together with our other medium sized network partners we handle transnational shipments in a competent way. These partners are, like us, carefully chosen and their quality of service is permanently assessed by ILN.

General Cargo


Processing general cargo we apply the same high standards as when shipping a full truckload, no matter if short distance or all over Europe. We will forward your cargo in a safe, reliable, fast and direct way to its destination. In order to do so we only rely on experienced and well approved partners employing appropriate and sufficient transport capacities.

In the segment of general cargo we are definitely among the best performing forwarders in Austria. Using different possible ways of transport and having a direct rail access we will take your cargo to its destination in the best condition and on time.

Disposing over a Europe-wide logistics network we are your experienced partner for any kind of general cargo forwarding – especially for trans border transport.

Your own scheduler will always be on your side. He will always be easily accessible for you and will take care of your requests with dedication. Longtime customers very much appreciate this close contact which is in fact a result of our team being able to support you at its best due to the possibility of direct intercommunication.

We control your supply chain from A to Z.

Entrust us with storage and logistics of your cargo as general contractor. Making use of our brilliant organizers will save you and your team a lot of time and effort. Our talented and experienced human resources are the key that enable us to offer you an enonomic overall quote.

Storage and Logistics

From incoming inspection over storage, (re)labelling, protective packaging to on time dispatch we will perform all necessary steps exactly as ordered. And – of course – we will deliver your goods to their destination, as you want it.

You can always rely on your goods being under the control of the best team, in a well maintained and perfectly equipped logistics facility.

Additional Services

Our additional services enable you place the complete clearing of your transports into our hands, not having to think of back works any more. We offer customs services, intra company transport and logistics benchmark for you.

We are often told by our customers how relieved they are by observing how well our total service package works for them. Our personnel is always available for you, especially your dedicated schedulers and they processes your order with all their experience and a smile on their face – and on schedule.

Customs Services


As a matter of fact we offer Customs Services to you. Our employees speak the local languages and know the specific regulations, which both results in fairly easy handling – especially for you.

Using our services the team of Angermayr will directly clear your goods and take care of all necessary activities. Our employees will also act as your representatives and will show accurate and diplomatic conduct.

Logistics Benchmark


Based on decades of experience and on our know-how Logistics Benchmark is a further service we can offer.

Benchmarking is a comparison of current status based on standard and best values. Values under comparison are both Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and such specific to a company. This will render differences in the efficiency of single processes visible and is a helpful indicator for improvement.

The focus of logistics benchmark is on process, performance and strategy. The final outcome aimed at are better solutions for the optimization of processes.

Intra Company Transport


The Intra Company Transport is tailor made for your demands and bears the advantage that your own truck and the well trained truck driver are always available for you. Over the years the driver will know all your needs and necessary sequences and will build up know how on your field of business. – In a way as though he was your own employee.


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